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KOMEHYO Auction operates an auction platform that enables efficient purchases by combining a new online bidding system that will be available from 2022 with "online preview" and "actual preview" that allow detailed confirmation of the condition of the item.

  • An accurate "appraisal eye" cultivated through the history of the Komehyo Group
  • You can choose between “online preview” and “actual preview”
  • Abundant number of exhibits, including high-priced items
  • Auction system with easy-to-understand pricing process

Features of KOMEHYO Auction

1. Accurate "appraisal eyes" cultivated throughout the history of Komehyo Holdings

Komehyo Holdings has been in the reuse business for over 70 years. KOMEHYO Auction, which is a group company, has a discerning eye for branded products that have inherited that history.
At the KOMEHYO Auction, you can bid with peace of mind, as the exhibited items are appraised from a professional's point of view.

2. “Online preview” and “Actual preview”

At KOMEHYO Auction, we hold "online preview" and "actual preview" for all products and auction.
In addition, we inspect all items that are exhibited, add product information, and take photographs. As a result, preliminary inspection and bidding can be done safely even online only.
In addition, for buyers who find it difficult to judge only online, such as colored stones and antiques, please come to the actual basement and make a judgment by holding it in your hands.

*Actual underground viewing is held only in Japan.

3. Abundant number of exhibits, including high-priced items

With approximately 2,000 items on display each month, a wide variety of items are collected.
KOMEHYO Auction does not limit listings by price range or other criteria, so some of the listings are from brand new and others are in the low price range.
Members can also view the market listings that have been accumulated from this abundance of items for sale. Please use this information when bidding at auctions and when purchasing items.

4. Auction system that makes the price determination process easy to understand

KOMEHYO Auction has been operating a bidding auction system since April 2022. This system aims to make it easy to predict successful bids by making the limit price visible, and to allow bidders to bid without hesitation.

Please see below for details of the bidding system.

Introduction of Auction System

01. Clarifying the price determination process with the auction method

Introduced a bidding system in which "current price" and "limit prices" are visible. Since the "process to price determination" is visible, bidders can bid more systematically and boldly.

02. Efficient bidding with “cart” and “batch bidding” functions

Batch bidding function has been strengthened for efficient bidding in a short period of time. In addition, we have prepared a "cart" function that allows you to collect products before bidding so that you can easily adjust your bid within your budget. You can bid together while adjusting the amount.

03. Quickly and reliably find the product you want with the search function

We have made it easier to find the products you are looking for by preparing "refine" on the brand axis and "special condition search" that allows you to search by attributes of each product.

04. You can definitely get the product you want with "prompt bid"

Introduced a "prompt decision price" where if the bid exceeds a certain amount, the successful bid is immediately confirmed. You will be able to obtain products that meet your requirements more reliably.

We are looking for new members

KOMEHYO Auction is a brand auction for members with a "monthly fee system" (enrollment is subject to screening).
In addition to holding auctions, we also provide market information and various services for reuse businesses.

Customer's Voice

We have four categories,
About 20,000 items are exhibited every month



About 8,000 listings per month

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About 2,000 monthly listings

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About 7,000 listings per month

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2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month

Auctions held twice a month
The preview and bidding period is auction 5 days prior to the day of the event



About 2,000 monthly listings

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1st Wednesday of every month

Auction held once a month
Product preview and bidding period is 3 days before the day of the tournament