To Seller (Exhibitors)

Approx. 90% Closing rate.
Connect your goods to the nation's leading buyers.

Through auctions in which many buyers participate, many products can be cashed at higher prices.

  • Careful handling of Products
  • Easy listing process
  • Free domestic delivery anywhere in japan
  • Close rate about 90%
  • Enhanced support system
  • Support products in a wide range of prices and conditions

*Currently, we are not accepting entries from outside of Japan.

Features of KOMEHYO Auction

1. Careful Handling of Exhibited Products

We are committed to maintaining the quality of the precious merchandise entrusted to us by our members.
Bags are kept on separate shelves for high-value items, brand new items, and fragile items.
jewelry As for watch and , each item is individually placed in a case or bag to prevent damage to the product. For storage, we use wooden boxes and manage them carefully.

2. Easy Listing Process

All you have to do is register your items on the portal site (comprehensive site for members), attach tags, and pack them. Photography and product inspection are handled by KOMEHYO Auction, so you can list your item without any shooting environment or specialized knowledge.
You can also apply for collection arrangements on the site, and you do not need to prepare an invoice. At the earliest, the delivery company will come to pick up the item on the next business day.

3. Free Shipping Nationwide

Free shipping anywhere within japan, no matter how many items you sell. Even if the exhibited product is not sold and is returned, we will respond with free shipping.

4. Approx. 90% Closing rate

We boast the highest closing rate in the industry due to the large number of buyers with purchasing power who participate.

5. Enhanced support system

If you have any questions about listings (e.g. consultation on listing difficult items to handle, etc.) or questions other than listings such as market information, you can contact us at any time via LINE, email, or phone.

6. Wide range of price and condition

brand new In addition to the items listed above, inexpensive, scratched or dirty items are also eligible for sale. We will make use of our appraisal capabilities to select the condition of the items fairly.

Listing and Bidding

1. Listing procedure by the customer

Listing data registration

Please apply for product registration and pickup arrangements from the portal site (comprehensive site for members).

Pack and ship

Please hand over the packed product to Sagawa Express. (Domestic shipping is free)

2. Inspection and exhibition process at KOMEHYO auction


In order to convey the attractiveness of the products you receive, we carefully inspect them.

Add product details

We will add detailed product information as necessary.

photo shoot

We will take product photos for registration on the auction site.

3. Response after successful bid

pending response
support mark

Check the negotiated price of the pending item and select whether to close or not.

Payment (within 3 business days)

We will deposit the money into your registered account.

We are looking for new members

KOMEHYO Auction is a brand auction for members with a "monthly fee system" (enrollment is subject to screening).
In addition to holding auctions, we also provide market information and various services for reuse businesses.

Customer's Voice

We have four categories,
About 20,000 items are exhibited every month



About 8,000 listings per month

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About 2,000 monthly listings

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About 7,000 listings per month

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2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month

Auctions held twice a month
The preview and bidding period is auction 5 days prior to the day of the event



About 2,000 monthly listings

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1st Wednesday of every month

Auction held once a month
Product preview and bidding period is 3 days before the day of the tournament