【Date and Time of the Watches Show】

 May 21th 2024(JST)
  - 1st 8:30am~ (“PDT” May 20th 4:30pm~ / “EDT” May 20th 7:30pm~)
  - 2nd 0:30pm~ (“PDT” May 20th 8:30pm~ / “EDT” May 20th 11:30pm~)
  - 3rd 4:30pm~ (“PDT” May 21th 0:30am~ / “EDT” May 21th 3:30am~)
  *Free online event

Watches Show Details

1.Introducing the auction results for selected ROLEX items won at KOMEHYO Auction.

・All items were won by members from the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong.
・These are professional models, rated A or above, and come with warranty certificates.
・These results are from the past three months, reflecting the latest market conditions.

2. Latest Auction Information:

・Introduction of featured items up for auction at this time.

3. You can view the actual auction screen:

・You can check our user-friendly search system, making it easy for buyers to find desired items
 ”you can search not only by product or brand name but also by defect exclusion”.
・You can review product information
 ”defect information is confirmed by our staff and added as necessary”.
・You can inspect posted photos
 ”all photos are taken by our staff, ensuring that buyers can easily verify the condition of the items”.

4. Fee and Next Auction Information:

・What are the membership fees?
・How much are the handling fees and shipping costs?
・Information about the schedule for the next auction.

If you can’t attend live, we’ll send a recorded seminar to everyone who registered. No worries if the timing doesn’t match due to time zones.



Inside Sales Team

He was mainly in charge of sales for more than 250 overseas companies that applied for membership during the past year. He has a positive personality and is highly trusted by overseas members. In his private life, he is a family-oriented father of one. On his days off, he enjoys playing with his children and going out for a nice meal.

We have confidence in our authentication expertise backed by 75 years of experience. Our service is trusted by customers from the USA, Canada, and Hong Kong, who can comfortably use it online. If you’re interested in our service, please feel free to contact us anytime.

We look forward to talking with you.